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SNMP fuzzer uses Protos test cases with an entirely new engine written in Perl. It provides efficient methods of determining which test case has caused a fault, offers more testing granularity and a friendlier user interface. 



snmp-fuzzer is available from here.


tar -zxvf snmp-fuzzer-0.1.1.tar.gz


Execution: [snmp] [--host=host] [ --port=port ] [--maxprocess=i]



    --port=n Target SNMP server port. Defaults to 161.

    --host Target SNMP server host.

    --maxprocess=n Maximum process fork to scan. Defaults to 20.

    --snmp request

    --snmpencode request

    --snmp trap

    --snmp trapencode

    --ping SNMP ping SysDescr request, community "public"

    --nodos Only one SNMP ping forked (recommended for fork scan)

    --fork Default no fork only ICMP listener and one UDP client

    --file=s Single PDU test

    --timeout=n Request timeout (1 second default)

    --retries=n UDP send retries . Default = 1

    --kill Kill if snmp ping is unsuccessful

    --help This message



./ --file snmp/00000001 --host

./ --trap --ping --host --port 162

./ --snmp --nodos --ping --fork --maxprocess 10 --host

./ --snmp --nodos --ping --fork --maxprocess 30 --kill --host --timeout 3



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