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Ighashpu is a program to recover/crack SHA1, MD5 & MD4 hashes.


As ighashgpu supports salted hashes it's possible to use it for:


  • Plain MD4, MD5, SHA1.
  • NTLM
  • Domain Cached Credentials
  • Oracle 11g
  • MySQL5
  • vBulletin
  • Invision Power Board


Supported Cards/ Requirements


  • Only currently supported ATI cards are: HD RV7X0 and RV830/870. Which means -- 4550, 4670, 4830, 4730, 4770, 4850, 4870, 4890, 5750, 5770, 5850, 5870.
  • Catalyst 9.9+ must be installed.
  • Only supported nVidia cards are the ones with CUDA support, i.e. G80+.
  • Systems with multiple GPUs supported.

Current status

It is available from here



ighashgpu.exe [switch:param] [hashfile.txt]
Note:- hashfile.txt only used with unsalted MD5 hashes. This file must contain plain MD5 hashes (32 HEX digits - username:hash) or simply hash at each line. 
For example: 

-c             csdepa Charset definition (caps, smalls (default), digits, special, space, all)
-u             [chars] User-defined characters
-uh           [HEX] User-defined characters in HEX (2 chars each)
-uhh         [HEX] User-defined characters in Unicode HEX (4 chars each)
-uf            [filename] Load characters from file. Not used with Unicode.
-sf            [password] Password to start attack from
-m           [mask] Password mask
-ms         [symbol] Mask symbol
-salt        [hex] Append salt after password
-asalt      [string] Append salt in ascii after password
-usalt      [string] Append salt in unicode after password
-ulsalt     [string] Same as above but unicode string firstly transformed to lower case
-min       [value] Minimum length (default == 4), must be >= 4
-max      [value] Maximum length (default == 6), must be <= 31 (not counting salt length)
-h           [hash] Hash to attack (16 or 20 bytes in HEX)
-t            [type] Type of hash to attack
  • md4 (Single byte/Unicode)
  • sha1 (Single byte/Unicode)
  • md5
  • md5x2 md5(md5($pass).ascii) No idea how to call it, some forum's type
  • md5x2s md5(md5($pass).$salt) Same as above except salt added after first md5 (without salt md5x2 and md5x2s are the same).
    Can be used for vBulletin hashes especially with asalt switch
  • mysql5 sha1(sha1($password))
  • ipb md5(md5($salt).$md5($pass))
  • dcc md4(md4($password).lowercase($username))


-devicemask:[N] Bit mask for GPUs usage, bit 0 == first GPU (default 0xFF, i.e. all GPUs).


Note: - Special parameters (like " or /) can be passed by using single or double quotes:

-asalt    "h/X"
-asalt    '-"-'
-sf        "aa//bb"

-cpudontcare Tell ighashgpu that you want maximum from GPU and so don't care about CPU usage at all (and it means one CPU core at 100% per one GPU).

-hm               [N] Set threshold temperature for hardware monitoring, default is 90C. You can disable monitoring by setting this value to zero.

-blocksize     [N] Set block size, by default N = 23 which means 2^23 = 8388608 passwords offloaded to GPU in a single batch.

By default charset processed as ANSI one. (i.e. WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, ...) You can change this with: 

-unicode  Use unicode
-oem        Use oem encoding
-codepage  [page] Convert charset to specific codepage (need to have it at system of course)

Example Syntax



ighashgpu.exe -h:239361613fe5281d8efb90e7f8e0ceb0 -t:md5 -c:sd -m:????assw???1234
ighashgpu.exe /h:a2b7caddbc353bd7d7ace2067b8c4e34db2097a3 /t:sha1 /max:6
ighashgpu.exe /h:cbe1d6d5800ec1e03a5f2a64882a0d41 /t:md5 /c:sd /max:7
ighashgpu.exe /c:d /max:10 /h:e807f1fcf82d132f9bb018ca6738a19f /t:md5
ighashgpu.exe -h:47c8fb7775aec7a11e1d141bc26a5a33726e5d6e -t:mysql5 -c:sd -max:6



ighashgpu.exe -h:a72befac3e58eb24d559d9fe0045cfdf090782e2 -t:sha1 -unicode -max:6 -salt:e16bed51



ighashgpu.exe -h:9D4518F84296B9CE26D02F229870D2D4 -t:md4 -c:a -unicode
ighashgpu.exe /h:252bb1fe4ecb040ebc8c78d2a1b89218 /t:md4 /c:sd /m:????00pa?? /unicode



ighashgpu.exe -h:a4e5e1fd2cb7ae7d2961470ce50b966c -t:md5x2s -asalt:_~Y /max:7

MD5 multihashing


ighashgpu.exe /t:md5 /c:csd /max:6 test.md5

Oracle 11g


ighashgpu.exe -c:sd -salt:01234567890123456789 -h:bedfe061a33474a9d403c809dd93a8cc79b46f74 -t:sha1
ighashgpu.exe -c:a -salt:02B03D5D74B6841CEA2E -h:D39F4CC16573323279E5E4E16D359D6C55DCC092 -t:sha1


ighashgpu.exe /t:ipb /h:a8b35664407b264c6de709705f0b1dd4 /asalt:"]#/R_" /c:s

Domain Cached Credentials

ighashgpu.exe -t:dcc -ulsalt:DelPotro -h:89af0c6c397bc879d7206ea8a41a11bb -c:sc
Note: The -ulsalt switch usage, not just -usalt


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