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FindDomains is a multithreaded search engine discovery tool that will be very useful for penetration testers dealing with discovering domain names/web sites/virtual hosts which are located on too many IP addresses. Provides a console interface so you can easily integrate this tool to your pentest automation system. It retrieves domain names/web sites which are located on specified ip address/hostname.

  • Uses Bing search engine. Works with first 1000 records.

  • Multithreaded on crawling and DNS resolution.

  • Performs DNS resolution for extracted domains to eliminate cached/old records.

  • Has a console interface so it can be very useful with some command-line foo.



Bing API key

.NET Framework 3.5



Download and unzip the rar file

Copy and save your Bing API key into the appid.txt file

FindDomains.exe ip_address
FindDomains.exe Domain_name


It is available from here


Example Output



---- abridged ----


Comment: - A little slow in what it does, I would rather use similar tools which seem to perform a whole lot quicker and also reverse DNS query to ensure DNS records are correct i.e. using vhoster


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